Coffee bussiness ideas

Coffee business ideas

There is basically two ways to earn money with the Thermvac Coffee Backpack. The first one is to sell coffee or other hot or cold drinks directly. The other is to rent out coffee backpacks to people that want to sell coffee for a short time period at each time.

Sell coffee and beverages directly

The obvious coffee business idea is to start selling coffee yourself. Start with one Thermvac coffee backpack, and sell coffee to people in public areas in your community.  The only thing you need is to fill the backpack with hot coffee, bring some paper cups and a smile.

As your business is going forword, there might be time to expand. Buy one or two more coffee backpacks, and hire people to sell coffee for you. You give your employee a salary, and the rest is yours.

Example on other places to sell coffee

- Concerts
- Sports events
- On markets
- Festivals

Find out how much you can earn here »


Rent out Thermvac Coffee Backpacks

Another good coffee business idea is to buy some Thermvac Coffee Backpacks and rent them out for longer og shorter periods. Entrepreneurs, school classes, fundraisers, voulenteer organzations and other might be your costumer.

The prices you can take for renting them out could be like this:

For how long
24 h
40 euro
70 euro
1 week
110 euro