The THERMVAC Backpack dispenser

- Comfortable to wear
- Easy to clean
- Easy to operate
- Attracts attention


Capacity : ca 10 litres
Weight when empty : 5.3 kilograms
Overall size : Height:54cm – Width:42cm – Depth:20cm
AD section : Height:24cm – Width:30cm


The THERMVAC Backpack Dispenser is used from the stadium to the sport hall, from the largest consert hall to the smallest social club. The THERMVAC Backpack Dispenser increases the volum sold by cutting the time required for each transaction. Vendors are able to dispense from 60 – 80 drinks in less than 30 minutes. A cup-dispenser suitable for plastic paper or foam cups with lip diameter from 60 to 100 mm. is fastened to the left hand side of teh backpack dispenser.

Ideal for serving:

- Coffee
- Tea / ice-tea
- Fruit juice
- Hot chocolate
- Soup
- Wine
In fact any hot or cold non-carbonated beverage.